Focus on your work.

Organize windows into separate spaces quickly with Virtual Desktops


Organize windows into Virtual Desktops

Peach is a Desktop application for Windows 10 that helps you to organize your work via taking a new feature in Windows, Virtual Desktops, and extending its powers to be centered around focusing on your work.

Organizing your work into separate Desktops mean that you're going to be switching between them frequently. Peach works to make moving between contexts intuitive and fast, by setting up quick shortcuts that work regardless of what application you're running.




macOS-style Full Screen Applications

Send apps to their own Virtual Desktop, similar to macOS. When you restore the window, it'll go exactly back to where you put it

Toggle between desktops fast

Jump between two activities quickly via the Toggle Desktops shortcut, either to reply to your latest Email, or just to see what song came up on Spotify.


Give Your Desktops a Number

Each Virtual Desktop in Peach gets assigned a number on your keyboard - switch desktops to exactly where you want to be, without having to use a mouse.

Give your Virtual Desktops a Name

Use Peach to name your Virtual Desktops - when you switch to it, see the name that you gave it


Pin windows to your screen

Keep important content such as references (or maybe just that great new Netflix series!), on every desktop and above all other windows by Pinning windows.

Reorganize your work, fast

Shortcuts for moving windows to separate desktops makes it easy to change course and turn on a dime, instead of trying to arrange apps onto new desktops manually.


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